Recent Projects

The following is a list of some of the projects which I have been involved in recently. Over the years I have filled a variety of roles and it’s exactly this variety of experience which allows me to do what I do today.

Training Trends

Training Trends was born out of the frustration with existing platforms that athletes use to track their training. I had the idea of a platform to track the habits of the person, not just the athlete and had to bring it to market myself. Training Trends was also my opportunity to gain further experience throughout the entire product delivery lifecycle, specifically in those areas or product delivery where I have previously been less involved (for example marketing).
I am the owner, developer, project manager, product manager, designer, marketer and general dogs body on this product. And I love it!


Training Trends: It’s about the person behind the athlete.



The intention behind Hulo was to bring aspects of the growing social internet into the insurance industry. Partnerships were established, products built and the technical solution delivered to market before we ran out of funding for marketing. It’s a shame because the concept is a good one and, to be honest, will be completed by someone else in the not too distant future. The financial services industry is due for an Uber-like shake-up, mark my words, it’s going to happen (even in this massively regulated space).

I was the product manager, project manager and lead developer for this project while working for Saratoga in Cape Town, South Africa.


Hulo Social Insurance: The financial services industry will be shaken up, but we may have been too soon and in too small a market.



Weaverlution is all about giving back. It enables those who need assistance to link up with those who can provide assistance weaving together a network. My role on this project was project manager aiming to deliver a lot of functionality against a very tight budget and in a very short time frame. In the end, all of these requirements were met and the product launched on time. This was a product built by Saratoga while I worked for them in Cape Town.


Weaverlution: Delivered to a tight budget against tight timelines.


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