St Moritz Training Camp

I’m off to a training camp at St Moritz next week (6-11 June 2016). The camp is run by Brett Sutton who coaches some of the best triathletes in the world including Nicola Spirig who won Gold at the London Olympics, Daniela Ryf who won the Ironman World Championships last year (and the triple crown $1mil prize purse that comes with it) and Matt Trautman (2 x Ironman SA 70.3 champ amongst other things), some of whom will be at the training camp. He also coached Chrissie Wellington through multiple Ironman World Championships. Brett is one of the most notorious / enigmatic coaches around and is probably in his own way one of the greatest thinkers in the sport. I’ve got so much to learn from him.

The other thing about St Moritz is that it is at 1856m in altitude while I live at about 50m altitude so the air is going to be thinner up there. Also my swimming hasn’t been great of late so that should be interesting. See I’m already lining up the excuses 😉

The truth is the whole thing scares me a little, but it shouldn’t. I’ve been doing this stuff for long enough to know that I will be fine – actually better than that, it will be awesome and I will create memories and isn’t that what life is really about? Creating amazing memories?

Check out the St Moritz webcam here and weather here.


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