Targeting Kona 2017

In 2015 I was lucky enough to race in Kona for the first time. It was a dream come true and in many ways the culmination of the past 7 years of work. While the experience (including the race experience) was beyond anything I could have hoped for the race itself left a lot of unfinished business, so many “what-if’s” that I feel a deep down urge to return to the big Island and see how fast I can go. This is not a normal hunger. This is primal.

So, how do I get back? Being the naturally logical person that I am I have deconstructed my race and my current abilities to identify what I need to improve, and I am now in the process of implementing a plan to get faster. This blog and subsequent entries will be going into some details about how I am approaching this journey, but I’ll give you a teaser now:


  1. Pick races well
    For most of us, qualifying for Kona is no walk in the park and it is only getting more difficult. Races which in 2015 had 50 slots now have 40 making it that much more difficult. I am still in the biggest and one of the fastest age groups so will need to be quick and pick races which suit my relative strengths. For example, flat windy courses would suit me more than hot hilly courses (because of my relative size and absolute power versus power to weight ratio). I am also not putting all my eggs in one basket. If I miss qualification at my first try, I would like to have a plan B and a plan C in place. Not because I plan to fail, but because I would like to avoid failing to plan. More on this in a coming blog entry.
  2. Train well
    This is obvious: I need to put in the work. But I also want to make sure that the work that I put in is the right work. I want to make the most of every training session and every drop of sweat. I know my weaknesses and I will be working on them until they are no longer weaknesses, then I will repeat. I will not miss out on qualifying because I did not train hard or intelligently enough.
  3. Maximize the return on my training investment
    Everyone aiming to qualify will be determined and training hard. But will they all be doing the little things outside of training that give them the extra few (legal) percent? I will be using my soon to be released platform ( to track my health, training / life load and habits. I will be using this platform to make sure that I am dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” – leaving no stone unturned etc. Here’s a sneak peak of my secret weapon:


Today I just wanted to get started on documenting my journey towards my 2017 goal. I hope you check back every so often to see how I am doing. I promise to try be as open, honest and candid as possible which should make for some good drama, so grab some popcorn, it’s going to be an awesome ride!


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