Kona Prep – The long road continues

It’s been quite a while since my last past but to be honest, not much has been happening. I’ve been training pretty consistently save for the odd cold when I push too hard or, it seems to be, when I get too cold!

I have been doing some heat acclimation by putting a tumble dryer and heater in a small room and doing some of my easier bike sessions there. What seems strange is that my legs seem to work way better in this heat than they do in the cold outside. I take this as a good sign for Hawaii.

I have made good progress over the past couple of months: my bike power is almost back to it’s peak from January this year and I think my run and swim may be faster than ever. I have a real test in two weeks at Durban 70.3 where all the SA guys who beat me at either East London 70.3 or Ironman SA earlier this year will be racing (I’ve stalked them already :-)). I am really looking forward to the race as the course should suit me – it’s warm, fast and flat – and I have a specific goal in mind to surprise some of those guys.

My focus over this last period of training has been on the following:

  1. Train consistently
  2. Recover well
  3. Do test sets to measure performance

With this in mind that I have been working on an website to track my recovery and performance (Training Peaks tracks my training so nothing else is needed there). In due course I would like to release this website to the public but first I want to make it as effective as possible in order to maximise my performance in my race in Hawaii.

I have found that working on this website brings a balance to my life too – I need this balance as without it I would probably be impossible to live with. Having this physical / mental balance means my typical week day looks as follows:

7:00am Get out of bed
7:10am Eat breakfast while checking e-mails / social media / the internet
7:30am Begin to work on my website. I generally work until a) it gets warm enough outside to train or b) I get mentally tired (coding can be very mentally taxing)
10:30am  Begin first training session
12:30pm Recovery shake and lunch
1:30pm Continue to work on my app
4:00pm Snack then begin second training session
7:00pm Training done so it’s time for dinner and spend some time with Cindy

Each day is pretty repetitive but in my view quite balanced. I am finding this routine works really well for me as by the time I have had enough mentally I begin training the time I have had enough training I return to thinking.

Aloha 🙂

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