Kona Prep – Week 3

Last week I completed 20:36 out of a scheduled 21:30 hours of training. The difference came from riding faster than scheduled on my long ride and swim sessions where my Garmin only counted moving time not time in the water. It was a tough week.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how to maximize my performance. Certain things are given like train properly, recover properly, eat properly and sleep properly – but what happens if I am leaving time on the course through things which are easy to correct? For example could my swim stroke be improved so that I can go faster without extra effort? Is my bike position optimized? What really got me thinking about this is a photo from 0995_019953IMSA 2015 (earlier this year) in which I look very aero and efficient – to most people – however each time I look at the photo all I see are the creases on my sleeves. I’m wearing an aero top to minimize drag but not making sure the top is smooth negates many of the benefits of this top. It’s all these little details which add up to make a difference on race day. It may only make a difference of seconds but those seconds can be the difference between reaching my goals and missing them. I have decided to go on a quest to get hold of whatever “free speed” I can get my hands on. This includes making sure my bike top sleeves are smooth among other things. Over the next little while I want to focus on the following:

  1. Make sure my bike position is optimized
  2. Tweak my swim stroke to get faster / more efficient
  3. Increase my running cadence to reduce the forces through my body on each stride

One final note which I will probably touch on again in future: whoever thought being a full time athlete was an easy life wasn’t referring to being a full time triathlete! It’s exhausting!

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