Kona Prep: Week 2

It’s not the individual sessions that make you tired but the consistency of load, session after session, week after week. My training is divided into blocks of 4 weeks, 3 of which get progressively more difficult and then there is a recovery week which is slightly easier (but not easy by any stretch of the imagination). I am in the middle of a build block at the moment having completed 18h34 training last week which I think was about an hour or so more that the previous week. This week I am scheduled to do around 22hrs training so you can see how things get serious, fast.

I think for many people on the outside looking in it is difficult to comprehend this level of training as they inevitably ask how many hours you spend training but what they don’t know to ask is how do you recover. And that is the key – you cannot train like this unless you take recovery as seriously as training. And eating, which I suppose for me is part of recovery. Recovery is at least as important as the load you put on your body as training breaks your body down but it is during recovery that you get fitter (the process is something called super compensation). The problem is that while training takes a few hours a day, recovery takes the balance of the day and is affected by everything else you do in life. Want to go out late? Sorry, I can’t as I need my sleep. Want to have a drink? Sorry I can’t as I won’t be able to train effectively in the morning.

I guess what I am saying is that when you are training at this level you are always training in one way or another – there is no off time, no off days. Yes I am the first to admit that I lapse often and frequently but every time I do there are consequences so to be the best I can be I have to minimise these lapses. And take sleep seriously.

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