Week one sufferfest

Week one of back to training is well underway. My running is coming back – I ran well on chappies yesterday. Cycling is coming back – managed 2 x 30 minutes intervals at over 250w on the trainer at under 145bpm on the trainer yesterday and my swimming is returning: managed 5 x 400 on 5:45 this morning before I detonated rather spectacularly.

On the front my left shoulder is still tender but I can swim freestyle fine – I just can’t do butterfly and breaststroke. It gets a little loose when I get tired but it’s mostly ok. My piriformis syndrome is not great but not stopping me. I just need to be more diligent with treatment, stretching and massage.

Kona 2014 is this weekend. It seems surreal that my goal is to be there next year.

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