Ironman SA 2014 Race Report

Race Summary

Overall happy-ish with the result. The swim was easy and pace was good. The bike was a shocker (more on that later) and the run didn’t feel all that difficult. I didn’t push as I knew I wasn’t going to PB the race and I was going to PB the run.

Results were as follows:

Overall Position Name Country Bib Number Age Group Overall Swim Bike Run
171 Graham Toms South Africa 1367 M40-44 11:16:52 00:58:04 05:57:55 04:10:50

What went well

  • Swim was easy although I was dropped in the sprint into the water and had to make up those places again.
  • Swim: Ended up in a reasonably paced group after putting in a surge to catch them. It’s worth spotting a group then chasing up to them to get a faster draft.
  • Overall bike power was ok – didn’t drop off nearly as much as last year, but distribution and VI needs work.
  • Really kept an eye on my heart rate during the run. It kept going over 150 even though I was going slow. I believe this to be heat related so I am really not sure what can be done about it. It did help to take my cap off every now and then to get wind in my hair which helped cool me.
  • My natural run pace when running was really good and didn’t feel uncomfortable from a GI perspective.
  • Nutrition went quite well. Used 32GI endurance drink, 32GI chews and 32GI real bars as well as some bananas. I did run out of juice (or any liquid) at one stage though so had to get some water from an aid station.

What didn’t go so well

  • Bike power was way too high on the first lap.
  • Bike gearing was probably too low as I had to grind on some of the hills.
  • Bike rattled on rough roads (most of the course). This affected my confidence in my bike and I living to tell the tale.
  • Bike felt unstable at speed. Probably to do with using such deep section wheels – need wider, more stable wheels for next year.
  • Descended way too cautiously. Need to practice descending at higher speeds.

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